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Lawn Care Corpus Christi

Lawn Care Corpus Christi

Lawn Care Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Landscaping Pros is one of the most trusted professional landscaping companies in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are a full-service landscaping company. Also, we help residential and commercial properties design, develop, and maintain their lawns. One of our many landscaping services includes lawn care. This may seem basic, but is the key to maintaining your lawn’s tasteful appearance.

At the end of the tiring day, the last thing you want is to work on your lawn maintenance. For some, it may sound like fun, but for most, it is a daunting job. It is where we come in – our customized lawn care services allow you to keep your lawn in tip-top condition, no matter how big or small or how complicatedly designed. 

Our Services

Services Included in Our Lawn Care Corpus Christi Services

  • Mowing – Regular mowing helps keep your lawn neat and clean, increasing the curb appeal of your property. For lawn care Corpus Christi, we use the best tools and equipment to cut your lawn perfectly. The use of the latest gardening equipment for mowing and other services ensures that the results are perfect every time. There is a huge difference between professional and DIY mowing and lawn care, and you will know the difference when you see us at work. Our team is trained and experienced to cut many different kinds of grasses at the perfect height, irrespective of what is being grown on your lawn. 
  • Grass Edging & Weed Eating – To ensure your landscape have a sculpted look, we provide grass edging services to transform even a tacky-looking lawn into something you are proud of. If you have a gorgeous lawn, we will help you maintain it through our professional landscaping services. Our lawn care Corpus Christi team will edge alongside driveways, walkways, garden beds, patios, stonework, fence lines, and other features around your yard. It adds dimension and divides your lawn into smaller parts to enhance the appeal of your yard. We also help get rid of weed-eating grasses often missed by lawnmowers.   
  • Disbursement of Lawn Clippings – A manicured lawn is a pride for homeowners but doing so results in a lot of yard waste. Our team focuses on providing reliable and environment-friendly solutions for your yard waste. Grass clippings as a result of mowing are beneficial to your lawn in many ways. Our crew will spread the grass clippings on the lawn, in the garden bed, and in other places to enhance your soil’s quality, prevent weeds, and preserve moisture.  

More Lawn Care Corpus Christi Services

  • Leaf Relief – Plants and trees shed their leaves and can get accumulated in your yard. When you leave them unattended for long, they invite pests and diseases. Our team removes fallen trees from your yard periodically, maintains your lush green yard, and gives it a clean look. We also clear all the walkways, patios, driveways, and other pathways so that you can spend more time outside with your family, enjoying and appreciating the beauty of your outdoor landscape.

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Reclaim your weekends and leave your lawn care to us. We provide one-time, weekly, bi-weekly and bespoke lawn care plans to choose from depending on the kind of attention your lawn needs. At Corpus Christi Landscaping Pros, we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach.